Pollinator Palaces – Mason Bee Boxes for our School


In order to reduce carbon in the atmosphere, we found the best way to keep our plants up and growing was to get bees to spread pollen and aid in the plants’ growth. We chose a bee species that we found was best suited to the situation: mason bees. We chose mason bees due to the fact that they are a local species and are stingless to be able to keep them in our school environment. Mason bees are one of the best pollinating bees for the plants we chose, and they are some of the best bees to keep due to their winter hardiness and easily managed hives/nests.


We arranged for one of our teacher’s fathers, who is a mason bee enthusiast, to help us with the winter upkeep and cleaning of their hive/nests. We purchased some nests/hives from a local Farm called Country Bee Farms and went there to purchase them as well as learn all about the bees and their care. We also ordered care products for cleaning and harvesting the bee cocoons/hives so that we could maintain their space. We look forward to seeing the bees move into our hives/nests!

Reflection & Celebration

We are so excited for the bees to move into their new homes right next door to the new pollinator garden that we have set up!


Check out more pictures here!

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