Pollinators Galore!


Our vision for Canada is… to do our part at both home and school to protect our pollinators as much as possible by educating our school community and by planting pollinator plants in our front garden.


We made posters and announcements to educate our staff and students about what pollinators are, why they are important to our planet, why they are struggling, and how we can help them at both home and school. Our student Eco Leaders ordered and planted over $200 worth of native pollinator plants in our front gardens.

Reflection & Celebration

We involved both our grade 6 Water Rocker students and our grades 5-8 Eco Leader students to research about pollinators, to educate the rest of the school, and to plant the new plants in the gardens. That’s almost 80 students actively involved with this initiative! Last year, we started our pollinator campaign at the school and after organizing a Bee Celebration Assembly, we even submitted an application and became the 4th official Bee School in Canada with Bee City Canada. Our students were completely empowered to lead this meaningful initiative from beginning to end!

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