Project Save The Bees


Our vision for Canada is to save our planet one step at a time. One step that we felt we should take was to plant a pollinator garden for the bees because one in three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators, who spread the pollen that crops need to grow. That includes many of our favourite foods like apples, almonds, coffee, and of course, honey, cranberries, melons and broccoli. Some crops, including blueberries and cherries, are 90-percent dependent on honey bee pollination. In conclusion we are very thankful and excited to help save the bees.


Back in the fall some of our students were lucky enough to visit the eco forum and were inspired to create a pollinator garden, then, with the help from our student teacher, we applied for a grant from LSF and received funding to complete our project. We did some research and found what flowers would benefit the bees the best. Once the weather became a bit more cooperative we created a landscaping crew. They worked alongside our Green Team and we started digging, and planting flowers. We are grateful that everyone worked so well together to get the job done. We are trying to do our part in this world with our pollinator garden.

Reflection & Celebration

We worked hard to get our garden done in time. Weather was not in our favour as we were still dealing with frost at the beginning of the month. With two weeks of decent temperatures, we battled the rain and got our gardens done. We have definitely learned how great it feels to work hard at something. Our gardens look great and are ready for some pollinators!! We are excited to share our accomplishments through our school social media. In the future, green team members, as well as our newly founded landscaping club, will be tending to our new gardens over the years to come.

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