Projet potager & éducation à la écocitoyenneté


This project will aim to address environmental issues surrounding urban ecology and agriculture. In a school with an asphalted playground, having a garden will provide students with a unique experience of nature and biodiversity that many of whom would not otherwise have access to. Fostering these connections and positive experiences between youth and nature is critical for developing a new generation of environmental advocates. It will also introduce the children to the joys and the importance of growing your own food and sharing it with others.


Students were engaged in an urban agriculture project that consisted of 22 hands-on workshops. Students learned about the importance of waste reduction and composting. They built a school compost bin and launched a school-wide composting campaign. They learned about germination and plant growth and started over a dozen different varieties of vegetable and herb seedlings in their classrooms. These seedlings were then transplanted into a container garden that students made out of recycled materials.


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11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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