Reclaiming Roots: Urban Indigenous Permaculture Initiatives


Taanshii, Our vision for Reclaiming Roots is to create a blend of urban living with traditional Indigenous permaculture practices that contribute to both ecological and cultural restoration. By reintroducing indigenous plant species to urban settings in Winnipeg, we aim to transform neglected or underused urban spaces into vibrant, sustainable ecosystems that reflect the rich botanical heritage of Indigenous cultures. This initiative seeks to empower Indigenous youth by involving them in every stage of the project—from planning and planting to education and outreach—thereby fostering a new generation of environmental stewards who are deeply connected to their cultural roots and equipped with the knowledge to lead sustainable practices. We envision a future where urban landscapes are not only productive and ecologically balanced but also serve as living classrooms and cultural touchstones that reinforce the community’s connection to the land and each other. This project is not just about planting seeds in the ground; it’s about planting seeds of change in the community and nurturing them to build a sustainable, reconciled future.


The Reclaiming Roots initiative is an action-driven project aimed at revitalizing urban green spaces by reintroducing native plant species across public and educational spaces within Winnipeg. The project will organize community planting days, which will serve as both educational sessions and active participation events for local residents, especially Indigenous youth. Participants will be involved in every step—from selecting appropriate native plants, preparing the land, planting, and ongoing maintenance. This hands-on approach not only fosters a deeper connection with the land but also empowers participants with knowledge about local ecology and sustainable practices. Additionally, the project plans to collaborate with local schools to incorporate these activities into their environmental science curriculum, thereby instilling a sense of responsibility and love for the environment in the younger generation. Through these concerted efforts, Reclaiming Roots aims to create a replicable model of urban ecological restoration that can be adopted in other cities to promote biodiversity and ecological awareness.

Reflection & Celebration

Upon completion of the Reclaiming Roots project, a reflection and celebration event will be organized to mark the achievements and to share the outcomes with the broader community. This event will feature a showcase of the restored areas, presentations by youth participants on their experiences and the knowledge they’ve gained about local flora and sustainable practices. Additionally, a series of workshops run by Indigenous elders and environmental specialists will cover the significance of native species and ecological balance. The celebration will also include cultural performances that highlight Indigenous traditions and a gallery of photos and videos documenting the project’s progress. This will provide an opportunity for participants and the community to reflect on the impact of their collective efforts and to celebrate the rejuvenated green spaces that contribute to the city’s ecological health and community well-being. The event aims to inspire ongoing community engagement and to foster a lasting appreciation of the benefits of restoring native plant species in urban environments. Maarsii for your consideration.


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