Recycling Improvements


Our vision for Canada is… to have youth reduce their consumption of single use plastics and properly recycle the materials they do use.

This is an important issue in our school community because recyclable materials are being thrown out instead of being sorted properly. In addition, re-usable materials, such as mugs, are not being used to the extent they should be.


Improve the Sorting of Recycling:
– ensure each classroom has 2 recycle boxes and a poster indicating what goes in each box.
– Put on announcements about emptying recycle boxes each week.
– Add clear signage to the large recycle/waste bins in the schools main atrium and cafeteria.
– Monitor the sorting and report back to staff and students on how effective the sorting is.

Decrease the use of disposable, single use cup containers:
We have a coffee shop attached to our school which accounts for a lot of the material in our recycle boxes.
– make available for purchase – re-useable cups which can be brought to the coffee shop or used at our “hydration station” water fountain.
– advertising campaign, including announcements and posters, about lugging a mug.

Reflection & Celebration

Still in progress.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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