Recyled Paper Campfire Bricks


Our vision for Canada is to encourage recycling within our school of paper, cardboard and plastics.


Recently the paper/cardboard recycling program in our community was discontinued for financial reasons. As a result all the used paper in the school was being sent in the daily garbage. The class decided to use grant money to purchase molds to make campfire starter bricks from recycled shredded paper, saw dust (from the woodworking shop in the school) and water. A mixture is made, pressed in the molds then left to dry. Students collected the paper from classroom blue bins once a week, sorted the paper/cardboard, shredded the paper and then made the paper/sawdust bricks. It has been a learning process to get the best ratio of paper/sawdust and water and then to get the brick to dry in the shortest amount of time. Our hope is to sell the fire starter bricks at the local campground thus creating revenue for future projects.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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