Reducing our Environmental Impact


Our motive is to stop climate change, reduce pollution, and free the environment of harmful effects. Our project is a chance to help make a more sustainable environment and community, so we can keep living on this beautiful planet.

If we clean our earth and rid it of the harmful things that pollute the ozone layer, we will be one step closer to stopping climate change in its tracks. We will be tackling gender equality by showing the community that all people can help the earth. By using the hand cranks we can make clean energy more affordable for everyone. We will make cities and communities cleaner by picking up garbage, whilst using compostable resources, and making it safer and cleaner for everyone. We will make life on land more enjoyable and cleaner by being the change we want to see in the world.


We completed 2 actions as part of our action project on minimizing our ecological footprint – purchasing and using hand cranks as a greener alternative to charge devices, such as cell phones, and cleaning up the garbage in our community.

My class was really inspired by the workshop “Harnessing the Wind” and we had great conversations about the need for more sustainable energy sources in our community. We ordered hand crank phone chargers and charging cords to have a greener way of doing something we do every day – charge our devices! My class showed students in our school how these work and they are available for students to use. It was a great opportunity for my students to be leaders and share their passion for being part of the solution to climate change. Other students were excited to try out the hand cranks and so far they have been quite popular!

My class also completed a garbage clean up in our community as part of protecting the land and water. We used grabbers (to allow us to safely pick up garbage, especially garbage in bodies of water) that will be reused for many years in future CCISS community clean ups. We used environmentally friendly/compostable garbage bags to avoid adding any more plastic or hard to break down materials to landfills. We have extra gloves and bags left over so we will be able to complete additional garbage clean ups in our community in the future.

Reflection & Celebration

This was an all around amazing learning opportunity for my students. Not only did they learn about climate change and sustainability, but they also learned how to budget and write a proposal. They were inspired to bring about change in their communities and shared some of their learning with others. It was awesome seeing them develop their leadership and communication skills. They really worked hard on this and were quite engaged in completing the action project! We picked up 9 large bags worth of garbage that had been littered in the community around our school. Additionally, approximately 20 students charged their devices using the hand cranks on our first day!


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