Reducing Waste from “Retired” Eyeglasses


Our vision is to live in a society where each individual considers how their actions impact our environment and shares a passion of protecting our planet. Issues surrounding climate change and pollution need to be tackled today, not tommorrow. We hope that our project inspires others to join the global community on taking environmental action.


Our environmental action project reduces the waste from ‘retired’ eyeglasses and sunglasses by donating them to be reused by those in need in developing countries who lack access to proper vision care. Our project reduces waste from glasses in landfills while also reducing the need for more glasses to be produced for the recipients of the donated glasses.

Reflection & Celebration

Overall, we are pleased with the results of our project and the difference we have made in the environment by reducing waste and in peoples’ lives. This project has been a fantastic learning experience with lots to take away. We have fulfilled our project’s purpose and have reduced waste from 37 pairs of retired glasses. These glasses and sunglasses are on their way overseas through the VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) program to be given to patients by eye doctors following a free eye exam. The glasses will be reused by those in need in developing countries, reducing waste from those 37 glasses in landfills and the need for more glasses to be produced for the patients receiving them.

1. No Poverty
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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