Remembrance Garden


Our front gardens are on display to all who come to our school. The original landscaping was just a mass planting of shrubs. Now in our 9th year, the beds were overgrown with thorny weeds and were an eyesore! We wanted to reconnect our students with the earth by involving them in improving the look and contents of the beds. We also wanted to tie in a school-wide tulip bulb planting in honour of Remembrance Day.


We recruited a group of parents to facilitate a massive weeding and digging over of our beds. We purchased 1000 red and white tulips and had each and every one of our 900+ students plant a bulb for Remembrance Day. Older students buddied up with younger students to dig holes and plant bulbs. Now that the bulbs are finally growing, the last stage of our project is to weed (again!) and spread mulch, in order to suppress weeds and reduce the need for watering. We hope to continue to add further plantings of native/butterfly friendly perennials.

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