Responsible Consumption and Production


Our vision is to promote responsible consumption and production and highlight how it is related to climate change. Ultimately teaching and empowering other students in our school to think about their production and consumption habits and how they affect the planet.


Action events at our school included: Meatless Mondays in our cooking classes, growing herbs and greens in our outdoor garden, and planting native tree species in our school yard.

Reflection & Celebration

We were pleased that our high school students were motivated and involved in projects. We were fortunate this year to have participated virtually as is gave our students the inspiration, knowledge and resources to complete our action projects.

Next year when COVID restrictions are reduced we will have a celebration whereby we are planning to have an Indigenous elder come to our school to lead a smudge ceremony and educate students about our new garden and trees.


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15. Life on Land
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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