Responsible Urban Beekeeping


Urban beekeeping is increasingly a popular hobby. It is important to understand and mitigate any negative ecological impacts that this activity may cause especially on native bees. Our school has two beehives on our roof. In order to be responsible beekeepers, we wanted to provide adequate floral resources for the additional bees that we added to our local ecosystem. We wanted to assure that these resources would be available throughout the warm months and we prioritized native plants.


A variety of native bushes, plants and trees were selected based on the time period of their bloom. The plants were also chosen to be hardy since the school yard is not maintained during the summer break. On Friday, June 3rd, a group of students and staff participated in cleaning out our raised garden beds, weeding and turning the soil. Then some students dug holes to plant trees while others planted in the raised beds. Over the coming weeks we will be giving these trees and plants lots of attention to make sure they’re able to lay down roots.

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