Reusable Water Bottles


Our vision is to remove as many plastic water bottles out of our school as possible. We wanted to raise awareness about how lucky we are to have easy access to clean water and also the damaging effects of plastic. We are fortunate to have water bottle filling stations in the school and have encouraged students to bring reusable water bottles to school.


Our school’s social justice group did a lot of fundraising through popcorn and candy gram sales to raise money for different causes. Some of the money went to subsidizing the cost of reusable water bottles for students in the school to purchase. We sold bottles to over half of our school’s population. With the money we were given we were also able to purchase reusable water bottles for all incoming kindergarten students, to help encourage them and their families from the beginning to not send plastic, non-reusable water bottles to school.

Through an environmental play day, students learned about how fortunate we are to have access to clean drinking water right from our taps. Each child in the school watched a video about a woman in Kenya who had to make an hour long journey each way to get water for her family, and carry it home on her back. Through questions and discussions, students were able to come up with ways that they can limit their water usage at home.

We have seen a decrease in the number of plastic water bottles found in our school’s recycling bins. We went from an average of 5-8 non-reusable water bottles a week in the bins before the purchase of the bottles, to an average of 0-2 a week following the distribution of the bottles. Our intermediate classes had the most plastic in their recycle bins. We now see some of them bringing reusable bottles to school. The students have been extremely excited to bring their new reusable bottles to school, and are helping the environment in the process.

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