Rewinding the Arbutus Greenway with Native Plants


Our vision for the project on the Arbutus Greenway has been to transform an underutilized urban space into a thriving ecosystem teeming with native plants and wildlife. By engaging 105 Outdoor Education students across grades three, four, and five, our goal has been to foster a deep connection to nature and instill a sense of environmental stewardship in the next generation. We envision the Greenway becoming a vibrant hub for ecological education and community engagement, where students and visitors alike can learn about the importance of biodiversity, sustainability, and climate resilience in urban environments.


Our action on the Arbutus Greenway encompasses a comprehensive approach to habitat enhancement and ecological education. We started by studying local native and invasive species to understand their ecological impacts. Then, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, clearing invasive Himalayan blackberry from a designated section of the Greenway and preparing the soil for planting. With donations of organic materials and the dedication of our students, we transformed the site into a native plant garden, planting twenty different species totaling 170 perennials and shrubs. Our ongoing actions include tending to the garden, creating educational signage, and monitoring the site’s progress as it continues to evolve into a thriving habitat for local flora and fauna.

Reflection & Celebration

As we reflect on our project on the Arbutus Greenway, we celebrate the transformative impact it has had on our students and community. Through hands-on experiences and meaningful outdoor learning, students have developed a deeper connection to the land and a heightened sense of environmental responsibility. Our project has sparked curiosity, inspired action, and fostered a culture of sustainability within our school community. Moving forward, we are excited to see the garden flourish and serve as a living testament to the power of grassroots environmental initiatives. We invite others to join us in celebrating the beauty and resilience of urban ecosystems and in working together to create a more sustainable future for all!


You can find lots more photos of our project and students at work here!

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