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After participating in the workshops and the Action Project workshop, the students decided on 3 main goals for their Action Project. First, they decided that we need to improve our recycling program. Secondly, the students want to implement a composting program that involves the purchase of compost bins and the promotion of composting. Finally, there is a lot of litter around our school grounds. The students decided that this was an issue that could also be easily address by educating the student body and the promotion of new trash bins.

Once all of the bins are purchased and in place, the students will also be making morning announcements to ensure that the student body is aware of the new bins and they will be encouraging the students to use the bins appropriately. An important part of this project is to educate the school community about the importance of recycling and composting and taking care of our envirnoment.


To improve our recycling program, the students decided to add more recycling bins around the school and promote the recycling program with posters. We ordered recycling bins and the students made posters and committed to picking up the recycling on a regular basis.

To implement a composting program, we purchased compost bins and the students made posters to promote composting and to educate the student body on what they can and cannot compost. Our school cafeteria is on board with the composting project and are looking forward to starting the composting program. We are also in the process of building an outdoor classroom and the compost will help provide us with fertile soil.

To clean up our school grounds, the students spent some time cleaning up the litter but the class felt that we needed another garbage bin located on the school grounds. They also created a poster to hang in the student entrance to encourage the students to put their litter in the garbage bins outdoors.

Encouraging the students to recycle, to compost and to not litter were all important to this group of students and they chose to do this through the use of posters, social media and school announcements.

Reflection & Celebration

The students have learned the importance of recycling and composting. They better understand how litter and plastics pose a problem with climate change. The students know that not recycling puts plastic in our ocean and kills animals. Our school grounds look better now and we hope that the student body will litter less and recycle more.
More students are educated on climate change and more students are aware of the recycling and composting programs at our school.

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14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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