Sagonaska Tech Club


Tech Club was created in order to provide additional hands on learning experiences through technology. Using technology, our students were able to be creators as opposed to consumers. The students started by investigating sustainable energy sources and created multiple solar cars using kits. Many students began modifying the original design to try to gain additional speed, control, and power. This expanded into investigating technology using circuits with minimal parts and using recycled computer parts to help create useable products, such as a magnifying lens for an iPhone camera.


The purpose of this project was twofold;

1) Engage students with technology and encourage them to become creators as opposed to consumers.

2) Show students that sustainability can be applied to everyday practice, including using various forms of technology.

As this project grew, more and more students became part of the club and learned about not only sustainable energy (solar cars) but also other methods of sustainability, such as reusing useable parts to create new products.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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