Saint Rose School Learning Garden


Our vision for Canada is to have the school come together and to share in learning about Soil Science, the role of Nutrients in Plant growth and Agricultural Sustainability.


A great deal of work went into building our Learning Garden. The community was amazing in helping us realize our goal! Students were given different roles from Seed Germination group, construction team, Gardening team and Compost team. They then shared what they learned with the younger classes and helped when it was time to plant. A portion of all food grown is being donated to the local food bank while there will also be events at the school like a Stone soup dinner.

Reflection & Celebration

This project to this point has been a great success. Many students have been coming to school talking about how they now have started a garden at home, trying vegetables that they wouldn’t have before but most of all love watching the progress of the plants in the school learning garden. Students moving on to Grade 6 are being invited back to help harvest in the fall. Preserves made using the vegetables grown at school will help find any future garden needs or projects.

2. Zero Hunger
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