Salt Spring Elementary Farmstand


“Sharing is caring, and caring makes a difference.” We built a farmstand to share school garden veggies, staple foods, seedlings, flowers, and more with our school community. After school at the end of each week, school families can now take fresh foods, treats, or other offerings for free (or by donation) to help address hunger, local food security, and empower families to grow more for themselves. Students tend and learn in the gardens and stock the farmstands themselves as part of weekly garden class. The farmstand design was based on their suggestions and was built by a parent with his daughter. It’s a project that will keep on giving. Thanks!


We built a school farmstand to share veggies, seedlings, food, flowers and more with our greater community.

Reflection & Celebration

Each end of the week, it’s a mini-celebration around the farmstand. A local grocer donates their almost-done flowers and students take home bright bouquets. Backpack Buddies donates staple food items and families in need can take food home for the weekend. Students stock veggies, herbs, seedlings and more from the school gardens. The Parent Group is hosting a bakesale (by donation) this week.


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