School Aquaponics Project


Aspen Heights MicroSociety wished to create opportunities for our students to become environmentally aware. We wanted to create a project that would reduce the carbon footprint, by ensuring that our students were aware of the possibilities of growing food locally. By using an aquaponics operations we are using tilapia fish to fertilize and enhance the growth of fresh herbs and vegetables.


Our MicroSociety program in conjunction with our 50 student member Enviro-Club have embarked on projects that will make our students and community aware or how we can reduce our global environmental impact.

Three 20 gallon aquaponics kits were purchased to expose our students to the interactive benefit of tilapia fish on the growth and production of vegetables in an urban setting. The tilapia were flown in from Toronto as fry’s and thus began our adventure. We used our aquaponics kits to grow seedlings and plants which were then transplanted into our Outdoor Classroom.

Check out our website at: www.aspenheightsmicro.com


Aquaponics Kit Aquaponics Room 7

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