School Beautification and Pollinator Garden


Our school facade was quite bland and lacking in colour as students approached on a daily basis. We had heard about the decline in the pollinator populations, and we thought we could help but creating a space for them while also helping to welcome our students to the school through a beautification project.


Our first step was the gather the necessary information and get the permission and support of the administration to create a pollinator garden. We create a slideshow and prepared our responses ahead of time to convince them of the benefits of our project. Our admin team took to our idea enthusiastically and gave us their wholehearted support. We then proceeded to apply for a grant from LSF in order to fund our project. After receiving this, we purchased the necessary materials, including two raised garden beds made of natural cedar, to make sure our pollinator friends stayed healthy. We also called the local sod and soil farm and ended up donating and delivering a free bag of soil to our cause. A huge thank you goes out to Fairgreen Sod in Markham! As the nice weather approached, we assembled the garden bed, filled them with rich soil and gave our new plants a new home here at SBA. We’ve also been taking care of them by watering them when necessary to make sure they develop strong roots to thrive in our community.

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