School Of Fish


To visually create an art piece physically linking our school together while demonstrating an understanding of water preservation and water pollution. All students from K-8 worked on creating their painted fish to represent the importance of preventing pollution and preserving our waterways.


One week during the school year, students and teachers from grades K-8 were busy creating our “School of Fish” art pieces. Following some training from our intermediate student leaders, all classes were given the opportunity to plan their collaborative art design on their own wooden fish. Many of these designs represented their learning about the importance of water conservation and our need to ensure safe and clean water ways for fish and other animals in our world. This activity helped our students understand this important anti-pollution, environmental awareness message.

Along with this Eco learning, the art work the children created was amazing! This was a school wide collaborative effort involving students, teachers and parent volunteers, with older students mentoring the younger ones. We are so excited to see how beautiful our school-wide “School of Fish” is looking on our Kindergarten fences.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
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