School Yard Greening


Our vision for Canada is one where students and staff promote environmental stewardship among the school community (i.e., students, teachers, staff, parents, community at large). Our students and staff wish to support a healthy ecosystem and reestablish a natural habitat in our schoolyard. Our hope is to enhance health and educational outcomes of students by providing naturalized spaces to learn and play, and supporting engagement in growing, harvesting (and eating) vegetables and fruits.​


Our school was built in 2014 and is integrated into a multi-phase subdivision development. A multi-year schoolyard greening project has been occuring with the support of our School Council. Over the last three years, we has addressed a lack of shade, windbreak and natural habitat on the school grounds. This project is a part of a larger schoolyard greening initiative. We have already planted trees and shrubs, and installed an outdoor classroom. For this project, we wished to expand the pollinator gardens. In the Fall of 2019, staff and students planted native seeds and plants both in the pollinator garden as well as around our vegetable/herb accessible garden beds. We received a gift of Liberation 75 tulips from the family of Private Nicholas Zaduk. (Our school is located at the corner of Zaduk Place and McCann Street). The Liberation 75 tulips and many other tulip bulbs were planted in a new garden area around the cedar shrubs by the Kindergarten yard.

Reflection & Celebration

We had many plans this year to plant seeds in the Grade 3 and Kindergarten classrooms as part of our Language and Science curricula. The seeds would have been planted in the pollinator, vegetable and herb gardens in the spring. Due to labour action and the pandemic, our plans are on hold until the fall of 2020.


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