Schoolyard native plant garden


Our vision for Canada is to support our local biodiversity! Human development has eliminated nearly all native prairie in Saskatchewan and so we wanted to turn our school’s front yard into a space that the school community would be able to make better use of and enjoy while also supporting our local biodiversity. We challenge other communities across Canada to support their own local wildlife.


We created a greenspace for classes to be able to go outside and have a space to work. There are also pathways throughout the front area, and we want to add benches and picnic tables throughout as well to encourage people to make use of the area. The majority of the area is planted with native species of plants and we are just waiting for them to mature and flourish! It will be an outdoor classroom where all grades will be able to go out and maintain the space, learn to identify wildlife, understand the importance of soil and water conservation, etc. This project was designed and carried out by students in our school and it will be their responsibility to care for the area.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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