SCS Envirothon


To build our school’s Envirothon program, in line with Envirothon NB to educate and provide hands-on learning to others.


Our students competed in the provincial Envirothon NB competition, earning second place in the province. They participated in four hands-on field tests in soils, aquatics, wildlife, and forestry. They were also tasked with a scenario that asked them to present a single source solution to increase the amount of power that NB Power is producing that also allows the province to meet it’s goal of providing a net zero electricity grid. They spent over 30 hours after school, three Saturday workshops learning from experts, and two guest speakers to achieve this goal. They also used some of the funds to purchase scat replica as the beginnings of the school’s resources to use the materials cross curricularly and throughout the grades K-12.

Reflection & Celebration

Our students were proud of the work they put into Envirothon this year and are eager to continue building the school’s program next year. This multi-generational learning is key for the community to continue to foster an appreciation for the environment.


Check out the Envirothon website to see our learning objectives and our results!

4. Quality Education
13. Climate Action
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