Seed Bombs


Our vision for Canada is… a healthy atmosphere and a sustainable place to live. Students learned about the declining bee population at the LSF conference and the importance of pollinators in our food chain. They decided to directly address this problem by creating seed bombs. Students also believe that each individual has the power to create positive change to help our environment even in small ways, so they researched engaging ideas to reduce food waste.


They researched recipes to create seed bombs and created a lesson to teach kindergartens about pollinators. They ran two workshops to have the kindergarten students create the seed bombs, and dispersed the seed bombs around our school. They felt this was a meaningful and age-appropriate way to get young children interested and connected with nature in a hands-on way.
They also wanted to experiment and learn about food waste reduction so they created a vermiculture system in our classroom.
Throughout the school year, students in Eco-Team also ran initiatives to reduce lunchtime waste n our school by giving tips and ideas for how to bring a litterless lunch.

Reflection & Celebration

Students have been reflected on their efforts in Eco -Team community circle meetings. They are planning a party to celebrate their hard work and success at the end of the year.


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