Seeds to Forests


Jack Chambers Public School is an eco-friendly school involved in many Earth friendly projects. The school, however, is in a fairly new housing development facing increasing growth. This spring, we have partnered with ReForest London and are participating in the Seeds to Forest Program. Two grade 5 classes and one Grade 8 class are working hard to improve the look and diversity of the school yard by planting trees and bushes around the property.


The Seeds to Forest Program is 4-part series of educational activities designed to enhance the students’ connection with nature and their understanding of trees, and the role of trees in the urban forest, all while adding more trees to our schoolyard. Students planted native tree species and raised the seedlings in the classroom. They will be able to take home their saplings in the spring and watch their acorns grow into mighty oaks. Students worked with ReForest London staff to learn how to make appropriate recommendations for which species should be planted in the schoolyard. They then planted 16 trees and 6 bushes in the school yard. Students will also participate in a tree hike in May through a local mature forest in Westminster Ponds, London’s largest Environmentally Significant Area. The topics that will be introduced and discussed include habitats, animal communities, biodiversity, and invasive species.

Reflection & Celebration

Students feel a real sense of ownership over their project and the school loves to share their achievements on Social Media. The students have become Tree Guardians in their school yard and their community. Grade 5 students will enjoy watching trees they planted grow and thrive in the school yard. The graduating Grade 8 students will leave the trees as their legacy and will undoubtedly come back and visit their school and yard with pride and a sense of belonging. The whole community will appreciate the shade and diversity the trees bring to the yard both now and in the future.


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