Sharing the School Yard With Local Birds


Students wanted to learn more about how to share our schoolyard with other living things that call our playground home. As they looked into this question, they decided to focus on birds.


Students from a 5/6 class spent the fall and winter exploring human-nature relationships and wanted to encourage more positive interactions between birds and students. In short, they wanted to learn how to better share the land on which the school is situated with local bird species. Students learnt about local bird species, observed birds in the neighbourhood, researched what they would need in habitat and food, ordered supplies, assembled and installed them in our playground. We purchased ten bird houses and feeders including one with a camera which will allow all students in the school to observe live which species are sharing our playground.

Reflection & Celebration

Students did so much learning through this process and were so excited to choose and assemble the materials needed to create bird houses and feeders. They each researched where each type of birdhouse and birdfeeder will be located in our schoolyard to make them the most welcoming as possible for birds to use.

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