Solar Greenhouse



To build a solar greenhouse to raise awareness of how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, and limit our ecological footprint. To grow food, and flowers that we can use for our school Culinary Arts program and sell to the community to help raise awareness about Farm to Table production.To reinvest in our project in order to help it remain sustainable and local.


Students will learn about starting and running their green initiative, through the creation of a solar green house. Students have already constructed our first test green house, and began planting a variety of vegetables and flowers. Research on alternative energy use and costs, as well as the sale of our products will allow us to study the impact of a farm to table movement socially, environmentally, and economically within our school community. Students will establish an awareness campaign for an eco-friendly lifestyle using our solar green house initiative as an example. The students are also working in collaboration with the younger grades to teach them how to plant and keep them engaged with the entire process.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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