SOMet Sustainability Challenge


Our vision for Canada is a sustainable one. One that consumes less, specifically less plastic and less fossil fuels. Plastic waste is a major factor in the degradation of our lakes, rivers and oceans. The burning of fossil fuels is a major contributing factor of climate change. We believe change needs to happen on many levels – cultural, economic, environmental and social – for a truly sustainable Canada to exist, otherwise they are just piecemeal solutions.


The LSF group that attended the Youth Leadership Forum decided to incentivise our school sustainability plan by offering prizes for the most sustainable students in the month of May. They devised a point system (see photo) where students can gain or lose points depending on their actions. At the end of the month, the top 15 students will be given a prize. They LSF group presented the initiative at a school assembly to kick off the SOMet Sustainability Challenge. Having students decide to live more sustainably means a environmental, social, economic, and cultural shift in all our lifestyles – it will affect all areas of our lives and they are all interconnected.

Reflection & Celebration

In Progress from May 2-30


12. Responsible Consumption and Production
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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