Sorting Station


Our vision for Canada is… to have citizens who divert as much recyclable/compostable waste away from landfills as possible. We want our green spaces to be free of litter, and for citizens to understand why recycling/composting is necessary to preserve our finite natural resources and to keep fossil fuels in the ground.


We worked with various departments in our school to design a sorting station that could be built by our construction classes and placed outside in our quad area. This area is used frequently by staff and students as a place to study, eat, socialize and for entertainment purposes but it is often littered or waste is just put in garbage cans. The sorting station will also be decorated by our Arts Council to make them aesthetically pleasing and to engage more students in this environmental project. This project is entirely student-led from design to construction to decoration, and required us having to seek out approvals, consult with various teachers and admin to ensure the project got off the ground.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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