Southern Kings Considated Nature Trail


Our class was learning about climate change and how humans affect their environment. The students wanted to do an action plan that would help protect our earth. We have a trail behind our school that was affected by Hurricane Fiona and had lots of damage done to it. Our students wanted to rebuild the trails and fix the damage that was done.


Our class connected with a non-profit group called the Southeast Environment Association and came up with a plan to help rejuvenate our trails. Our students have been moving the woodchips left from the clean-up and placing them around one of the pond areas to make it a nice walking path. We have planted some plants, installed birdhouses, and will be placing the benches that are being built throughout the trail. The students have researched information for interpretive signage for the trails and will be placing them throughout once they are produced.

Reflection & Celebration

This is an ongoing project that will reach many students and community members. We use this outdoor space every day for learning and look forward to the endless possibilities for giving back to our earth.

13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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