St. Ann Tree Planting Project


Our school, which is heavily Eco School oriented, embraces and has spearheaded many initiatives to make both our school and the environment a better place. To assist with combatting climate change, we have planted the following 6 trees in and around our school: Red Oak, White/Burr oak, Hybrid maples and Cherry. We had the help of our Eco Team in doing this, and it also educated these students and our school community about the importance of making our environment a better place to live in. With what our Eco Team does daily (i.e. waste audits in the classrooms, beautifying our flower beds out front and around back, monitoring light usage, etc.), coupled with planting these climate-change mitigating trees, we as a school want to emphasize the importance of helping to keep our environment a better place both today and in future generations.


Students cleaned up the gardens around the school, planted these climate-change mitigating trees.

Reflection & Celebration

Through the collaborative efforts of our Eco team/students, the school looks great. In addition to this, we have added climate-change mitigating trees within and around our school.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
13. Climate Action
17. Partnerships for the Goals
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