St. David CES Garden Project


To create a beautiful school garden with trees, plants and flowers which will help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase clean oxygen, increase habitat for wildlife, and create a beautiful, peaceful space for students and staff to retreat to.


Eco Club created and distributed ‘Classroom Garden Kits’ in February to each class in school. Each kit included: soil, three different variety of flower seeds, three planters, garden tools, watering cans.

In May, each class was invited to transplant their gardens which they had planted and cultivated in our revitalized school garden.

In addition to the individual classroom gardens, parents, staff and students were invited on 2 separate evenings to till the existing soil in our dilapidated garden, clean up the existing few shrubs that were in the garden, and plant the 14 new trees and the various other flowers and plants we purchased for this project.

13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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