St. James “Bee” Kind Garden


The St. James Ecoteam wanted to plant a garden that would act as a safe haven and food source for bees and other pollinators.


The St. James Ecoteam began by researching plants that were preferred by bees and butterflies. One our lunchtime walks this year, we used the ipads to research natives that grow in our area and grow well in full sun. We compiled a list of plants that met this criteria. We then looked for native plants garden centres and cross referenced our list with their product list making substitutions. Finally in May, we were ready to purchase. We had a few team members come to the school to plant at different times to accommodate our safety protocols. Our custodian is currently looking after watering. A group of students presented why these types of gardens are important to bees. We also applied to become a designated Bee School from Bee School Canada and were successful!

Reflection & Celebration

We have shared pictures of the garden with the Ecoteam while they are learning from home. We left a portion of the garden unplanted so that when this team comes back, they can plant one of the plants each. We also are planning for each class to colour and submit a rock for the garden.

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