St. John Eco Water Refilling Station


Our vision for Canada is… to have a country that makes an effort to reduce non-reusable water bottles so that they do not end up in our landfills or our bodies of water. It is an important issue because plastic is destroying our environment, and wildlife is suffering due to our actions.


St. John Eco students will plan for a Sundae Funday to offset the cost of an upper level water filling station. A form will be sent out to all students of the school in order for them to have a sundae on December 21st. The money raised from this event will offset the cost of the water filling station.. Last year at St. John School, a reusable water bottle campaign was offered to the students as a lower level water filling station was installed.

Reflection & Celebration

This event raised $700 towards the purchase of an upper level water filling station. One of the challenges encountered was to ensure that all products used for this event were nut free and made in a nut-free facility. We had to ensure that parents of children with allergies were given an ingredient list so ease their worries. The water filling station was also partly funded by St. John School parent council. The water filling station was installed February 28, 2018. A poster indicating the distance of plastic water bottles saved is updated frequently and announcements are made via twitter.


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12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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