St. Marguerite d’Youville’s Rain Garden (HWCDSB)


Our vision for Canada is… in renewing and preserving our natural surroundings to help naturalize our playground area. Our students and Eco Team designed and replanted a Rain Garden that was previously destroyed by vandalism. This project allowed the students to work together in helping to recreate a naturalized space that would benefit the insects, butterflies, plants, trees and people.


Students researched native plants and shrubs that would survive and be resilient to excess water, dryness and hot climate. The students worked with a local nursery and found plants that they planted in an area that already was set with eaves troughs already supporting water to the area. The garden is visually pleasing and is now an integrated part of the playground, next to the Carolinian canopy we planted we planted last year. The garden has become a conversation and brought an awareness that students can be leaders in environmental stewardship activities in the community.

Reflection & Celebration

We learned that native plants are difficult to source and with the help of the nursery we were able to order plants we chose after our research. Our students and volunteers will maintain this garden in addition to our biodiverse and butterfly gardens over the summer months. Some challenges are that we hope to prevent vandalism and ensure plants survive the extremes of our local climate. Also, we hope to find more funds to expand this garden to include more native plants and a sitting area.

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