St. Mary Elementary School’s Buddy Bench Project


We want a school where everyone feels included. We want to eliminate loneliness and build self esteem. We want to create a space where children feel welcomed and safe.


Students at St. Mary school have been working on a project to help foster friendship. The ‘Buddy Bench’ was built to create a safe place in the school yard where students can go when they have no one to play with. This alerts other children to recognize a friend in need and encourages them to invite that student to join an activity.

Once the Buddy Bench was built, students decided it needed a welcoming environment to surround it. This year, students worked together to build a Peace Garden for the bench. Hours of hard work were spent clearing the area and planting trees and flower bulbs. Now students will have an opportunity to watch the garden bloom and grow for years to come. With team work and determination the students of St. Mary have been able to create an inviting space where students can go to find peace, kindness and a sense of belonging in a natural setting.


pic2buddybench pic3buddybench pic4buddybench pic1buddybench pic5buddybench

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