Stevenson Compost Expansion


Our vision for Canada is one where everyone cares about their everyday choices and the impact these choices have on our environment. We have decided to help enhance the composting program at one of our “feeder” elementary schools (many of our high school students attended the school when they were younger).


We secured more funding to build a 3-bin composter for Stevenson Elementary School. We have a dedicated team of students who will be spending the day at the school with some help from Compost Winnipeg to build the bins on site. Students from both schools will learn how to work together and create something to help the school become more sustainable. The youth at St. James will be the leaders in this event. We have done all of the planning and contacting for supplies and resources.

Reflection & Celebration

Our challenge was initially within our own school. The group very much wanted to start a composting program at our own school, but in the end we did not have the approval we needed to get one started. A community elementary school put a call out for a new composter since theirs was at capacity, so we were able to jump in to help. We learned that there is a lot to consider and a lot of people to talk with when wanting to build something at a school. It takes much longer and there are many more steps involved than we initially thought. The school has a very successful and established composting program at the school so we are confident that our work will be maintained once we graduate.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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