Stewards of Wildwood School


To create a sense of belonging where students feel the importance of caring for the environment in which they live.


In September of this year we began our Stewardship group (2015/2016). This is the second year that we have participated with this group. Some of the students were from last year and many were new. Interestingly enough, the group consisted of grade two students with four students from grade one. We examined our school yard and our school garden and brainstormed ways that we could improve it. We have cleaned up liter, we have raked dead grass, picked weeds and now we are planting seeds in the garden. We are growing vegetables for the Food Bank and look forward to delivering these in the fall. We hope to build more beds next year to increase our crop. Presently we are teaching the students which are new plants and which are weeds.
We had mulch delivered last week and as you can see the students used the mulch for the paths in our Wild Woods(Learning space or all students). Everyday the students are asking, “Today, is it Stewardship?” They are loving being outside, volunteering their time and being the, “Stewards of Wildwood School and more importantly, the Stewards of this Earth.”

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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