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Our vision for Canada is… to have sustainable environment – to use and care for our local neighbourhoods and habitats. It is a vision for all of Canada to recognize species rights to a healthy environment and to acknowledge the expertise and knowledge of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada; their technologies, medicines and ways of being that sustained our country for thousands of years. The information they gleaned from the land, animials, plants, water, and sky is thorough and with connection. It would do us well to abide by the seven generations principles. Then we would not have extinct or endangered species, polluted air, water or land.


We examined the Garry Oak ecosystem and wondered what pieces of it were missing from the plant, insect, animal and bird world. Victoria used to have Western Bluebirds, if we made houses would we be able to entice the bluebirds back to our area? Bluebirds returned to the Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands and to Duncan, would they be able to re-establish in Victoria? We built the bird houses 150 of them. We raised meal worms to entice them. We took pictures of the plant, insect and animals we found in Strawberry Knoll Park. We did huge invasive species removal; of Himalayan black berry, Holly and English Ivy. We planted wildflowers and milkweed. We installed a bat house, Western blue bird houses and a mason bee house. We found a blue drop tail slug, and a spider with a blue egg. We protected the fawn lilies, chocolate lilies, camas, and shooting stars. We spoke with neighbours and we asked opinions. We collaborated with Saanich Parks and with Habitat Acquisition trust. We hope to have our celebration in June to sing Bluebird and send out some hopeful vision to the community at large in hopes that the restoration will continue to be supported and grow.

Reflection & Celebration

Our Celebration will be in June.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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