Student Town Hall on Climate Change


Our vision for Canada is… that our government and leaders will hear our voices and implement policies and projects to ensure a more sustainable future. The issue that was addressed through our project was youth’s voices not being heard when it comes to climate change and our future. This is very important in our community because though Guelph is one of the greener cities, the youth need to have more of a say in improving it even more.


We organized a town hall for any high school and elementary school students to attend and be able to ask our Mayor, MPP and MP questions about climate change openly, in person and free of charge. It engaged students to actually come out and talk about the world’s most urgent current issue to the people who can make our smaller actions into bigger ones by taking them to parliament. This project really highlights youth leadership because it was completely organized and run by our grade 12 class and gave priority to the youth to ask questions to their political leaders.

Reflection & Celebration

A big challenge with this project was the lack of time. We had a very small window that we could plan this event in, and only decided to do it about a month in advance, but we soon learned that with all hands on deck, we got it done, and it went even more perfectly than we could’ve imagined. Though the event is over, attendees have reached out to us and we have reached out to them about upcoming events we can get involved in, and continue to search for opportunities.


Check out the video we made on our project here!

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