Sustainable Gardening


Our vision is that our students, and by association, their families, would have the skills, ability and disposition to grow their own food. As we develop these skills, we want to enhance our school food programs by adding vegetables we have grown and give back to our community by donating excess vegetables to our local food bank. We are working together to address rising food costs and supply chain challenges in our remote community.


We will plant and nurture 6 raised garden beds from May to October, using sustainable gardening practices such as Hügelkultur, organic pest control, and rainwater harvesting. We’ll be taking field trips to local farms to learn about their food production practices. We have partnered with Groundswell Community Network and Greenhouse to learn from these gardening experts. The food we grow will be used to supplement our school food programs, and excess will be donated to our local food bank.

Reflection & Celebration

Although it is early in the season, we are beginning to prepare and plant our garden beds. We’ve already grown pea shoots and sunflower sprouts in the classroom and are growing seedlings under grow lights that will soon be ready to transplant into the garden. We are all looking forward to an early harvest of cold-weather crops like lettuce and kale. We will be weighing the vegetables that we harvest over the season and can’t wait to see how many kilograms of vegetables we can grow this year. In autumn, we’ll be learning preserving skills like pickling, canning and fermenting to save some of our harvests for the winter months.

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