Taking Care of the Environment


To empower students to become activists for climate change and finding ways to take care of the environment.


– Learn about the environment, reducing, reusing and recycling.
– Learn about how the climate has affected the land and water as well as animals.
– Learn about composting and worm farming.
– Learn about writing and publishing a book about the environment.

Reflection & Celebration

Students were engaged in Literacy and Science activities about environmental studies. We learned about reducing, recycling and reusing items, read stories about the environment, used recycled materials to build new toys, made an Earth model by dry felting using natural materials, wool. We went on a school grounds clean up, planted wildflower seeds, and lettuce in our aquaponics kit in our classroom. We also had several presentations about composting from Agriculture in the Classroom and conserving energy from Conservation Corps NL. Our culminating project was writing our very own class book to publish. Our published book was what we used the funding to pay for so each student would have their own copy to take home in the end.

The students really enjoyed learning about the environment and especially the impact that it has on animal habitats and changes to the weather and water temperatures. My students are animal lovers and were really engaged and interested in learning about things we could do to help both land and water animals. This is very evident in their independently chosen topics for their part of the Student Treasures book.

The students were so proud of all of their hard work and many of them have shared this knowledge with their parents and even have convinced their parents to reuse items at home and recycle more.

Some things they were still curious about was why the province of Newfoundland doesn’t recycle glass and why some places are still not taking care of the environment.

I hope this translates into a more environmentally aware group of students who will help others learn and become more aware of climate change and things that we can all play a small part in protecting our beautiful Earth.


Check out our presentation here!

7. Affordable and Clean Energy
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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