Tap Water Tuesday!


Our vision for Canada is… for water to be a protected natural resource and one for which all people can access. We would like Canadians to drink safe and clean water from the tap. We do NOT want large corporations to buy our wells and sell water from non-reusable water containers. We’d like to keep the water in the water cycle in its natural environment. We don’t want more plastic waste and we’d like to encourage a cultural shift away from disposable one use items toward reusable multi-use items.


Every Tuesday, we are encouraging students to drink from their reusable water containers, to NOT bring any packaged drinks to school (juice boxes, etc.), and to only drink water for the day. We are also going to ask the community to donate any reusable water containers that they are not using so that the students in our school can buy them for a small fee if they don’t have one. The money would go to our school’s EcoTeam. This project was initiated by 5 grade 6 girls who attended LSF’s EcoLeague Youth Forum in Milton in October. They are making announcements in the school and will present at assemblies as well as send out information in our school Newsletter. Parents in our community will be involved in this project since they are the ones to pack their child’s lunches. It is a project that extends beyond the school walls into parent community.

6. Clean Water and Sanitation
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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