The 100 Mile Diet at Chaparral School


Eating locally, and sustainability.


Over the past few years, students at Chaparral School have been learning about the concept of the “100 mile diet,” to consume foods that were grown locally in order to reduce our environment footprint. We built and planted a garden learning space at school. All students enjoyed the final stages of growth of the garden in the Fall of 2011. A few groups of students harvested the garden and we baked potato and onion muffins as a whole school group. The potatoes and onions came straight from the school garden! We then donated the muffins to the Mustard Seed organization in Calgary. This was an empowering activity for the students at Chaparral School, as we also were able to teach students about giving to others in need.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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