The Compost Machine


Our vision is to divert more things from ending up in our Peterborough landfill. Our school does a great job with recycling so creating a sustainable composting program is the next natural step.

For a machine to work in a sustainable way, all its pieces need to work properly and efficiently to get the job done. Our project will need the coordinated work of many stakeholders to get the job done.


Our first action will be to, along with the school principal and custodian, make a plan for what type of composting system we want to use.

We will then look for community partners to help us with our project and to look for sources of funding.

We will make a budget and research how much money we will need to create a sustainable program.

Our next step would be to purchase the supplies we will need.

We understand a big part of the success and sustainability of the project will be educating the staff and students on proper composting practices. We will need to create an education program to roll out along with the composting equipment.



12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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