The Epic Knitty Bitty Clothing and Food Drive


The LSF Ambassadors from the Capstone Program in Orillia came to our Grade 5 class and helped students identify and develop this project idea. Students in Grade 5, at Rama Central P.S., envision a Canada where everyone would have clean and warm clothes to wear, and enough food to eat. They decided to knit scarves, and they sought and received approval to spearhead a school wide clothing and food drive for the less fortunate in our community.


For four weeks, in the fall of 2015, Grade 5 students at Rama Central P.S. attended a knitting club, taught each other how to knit and created scarves. They produced banners, posters, announcements, a newsletter article, flyers, and a drop off station, to encourage staff and students from Grades K-8 to donate clothing and food for those in need. The Grade 5 class then maintained the drop off station, with daily visits to tidy the donations and transfer overflow to the classroom. At the end of the four week campaign, the Grade 5 class sorted clothing items and counted and boxed food items, for transport to Orillia. Fifteen student-made scarves and fourteen giant bags of clothing were donated to the Greenhaven Shelter. 339 food items were donated to The Sharing Place Food Bank.


1. No Poverty
10. Reduced Inequalities
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