The Food Chronicles: Dehydrating, Gardening, Cooking, and Tasting Our Way to a Healthier Future


The vision was to cultivate healthier habits and create a sustainable food culture within our community. I aimed to improve nutritional literacy, reduce food waste, incorporate community partners, and address food insecurity. By empowering my students with knowledge and practical experiences, I sought to inspire them to make informed choices about the food they consume and become agents of change within their community. We envisioned a future where individuals and families have access to nutritious food, where sustainability is embraced, and where everyone understands the connections between food, well-being, and the environment.


To turn the vision into reality, I took several actions with my students. We purchased a dehydrator, which became a central tool in our project, allowing us to preserve and transform various food items, reduce waste, and create delicious and nutritious snacks and even Christmas ornaments. We purchased different food items and garden soil and engaged in hands-on gardening activities, planting a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in our garden boxes, both indoors and outdoors and throughout the year. Students learned valuable life skills such as knife safety and cooking soup over a fire. They explored seeds through sorting and sprouting. We visited a locally owned market to gain authentic learning experiences with budgeting and meal planning of healthy meals and snacks. We played games such as food charades and healthy food bingo to make learning about nutrition interactive and enjoyable. Additionally, we collaborated with community partners such as the Big Deal Market, Agriculture NB, NB Centre of Excellence for Health, and a local author, who provided valuable insights and enriched our students’ learning experiences.

Reflection & Celebration

As I reflect on this project’s journey, I am immensely proud of the accomplishments and impact that was made. My students have developed a deeper understanding of nutrition, sustainability, and community through their active engagement in various activities. They have embraced the importance of caring about food and making healthy decisions, recognizing the direct link between their well-being and the food they consume. Witnessing their growth in knowledge and their transformed attitudes toward food has made me realize the true gravity of this project.

We celebrated the positive changes that our students have made, not only in their own lives but also in their families and the wider community. Their newfound nutritional literacy and conscious consumption habits have the potential to create a ripple effect, inspiring others to make healthier choices and reduce food waste. By experimenting with gardens, exploring new flavours, and practicing authentic skills, my students have become ambassadors of change, spreading the joy of nutritious eating and sustainability.

I am so thankful for the valuable partnerships that have formed. The expertise, support, and contributions have been instrumental in the success of this project. These partnerships have shared their knowledge, resources, and/or time, all of which have enriched our students’ learning experiences and strengthened our collective efforts.

This project has been a transformative experience for many of my students, instilling lifelong lessons and skills in my students. Their lunchboxes are looking much healthier nowadays, and I can attribute that to being their own advocates when they are at home. I am excited to witness the lasting impact of this project within our community as our students continue to make informed choices, promote sustainability, and inspire others to embrace a healthier, more conscious approach to food.


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