The Great School Green-Up


We want our school to feel more alive and give students a calming activity to do each week.


Our Eco-Team will travel by city bus to a local plant business, Foli, in Burlington. The business was recently featured on Dragon’s Den, so we reached out to see if we could come to the warehouse for a tour, a plant tutorial and then a chance to purchase plants for our school. We had such a fun time learning about the plants and, when they were delivered to our school, we made a schedule, an inventory list and made sure students showed up to water the plants each Monday. This summer, teachers and families have volunteered to take the plants home and care for them until school re-opens in the fall!

Reflection & Celebration

This was an amazing activity! We learned a lot and enjoyed taking care of the school plants. So many teachers have thanked us and said the plants really make them feel more relaxed and happy throughout the day. Taking the city bus was also a new experience for many students and was a fun way to get around without increasing our carbon footprint. We were happy to buy plants from a local business that gives back to our community.


Check out our different plants!

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