The Green Wall


Our project is creating multiple green walls inside, on the walls of our school. With the assistance of our Eco Adventure team, we have purchased pre-made containers that are screwed into the walls, in various locations of our school. In these planters contain the window plants that we have been growing since 2017. These plants, since, have been maintained properly by students and Eco Adventures team. To make Canada more sustainable, our vision is greening. Specifically, greening our urban schools, inside and out by creating green spaces, such as the green walls. They create a visual perspective, appealing to our peers and community both aesthetically and functionally. Green walls will also calm students down and put us in a good mood for learning. We are aimed at getting more youth involved with gardening so that they may enjoy its many health and educational benefits. The walls will improve air quality as they are natural air-filters, creating a cleaner, more refreshing study environment that will lead to better overall health and productivity to the students and the community.


The progress of our project has been splendid. Along with the permission of our principal and help of our coordinators for this project, our first green wall, located near our library, has been completed. The youth leadership has been displayed through the engagement of the students and Eco Adventures cub members, whom helped with majority of the planting and maintenance of the plants. After its completion, we are currently working on our second green wall, which is located on the second floor of our school, near the Mathematics hall.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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